Want Girls to have equal access to football in School?

The FA, supported by Barclays want all girls to have equal access to football in schools by 2024. We believe girls should have the same opportunities that boys currently have to play and we hope you do too. Show your support and help us to achieve our vision for girls across the country.

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Find out if your local schools are currently part of The FA Girls' Football School Partnerships - supported by Barclays

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Did you find a school near you offering girls' football? Would you like to see girls have the same opportunities to play football at school as boys do?

With your support, we can influence decision makers to offer more girls football in your local schools.

Schools are ideal places to introduce sport to young people. That’s why we’ve been working hard to support more schools to offer more girls' football across more of the country.

Help us make a difference to give ALL girls equal access to school football in schools by 2024.

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